Academic thesis

Monika Bürger: Development of injectable gap fillers for the consolidation of insect damaged wood Back
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Abstract: For underfilling big cavities of an severe insect damaged altarpiece, injectable putties based on
Plexigum PQ 611 and acrylic dispersions are tested and discus¬sed in this thesis. The aim is to
develop stable mixtures that show no separation of the phenolic micro-hollow-spheres and binding media, by enshuring at the same time good flow-properties. The rheology of the systems based on Plexigum PQ 611 is adjusted by solvent composition of the binding media, by addition of anorganic and organic rheology additives and by variation of the filler content. The adjustment of the aqueous dispersions is achieved by varying the binding media concentration and the corresponding properties of viscosity. Finally selected filling systems are tested in dummies.


Keywords: injection, putty, PlexigumPQ611, solventcomposition, acrylicdispersions, microhollowspheres, fibres, viscosity, flow properties
  • academic institution: Technische Hochschule Köln
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dr. Friederike Waentig
  • assistant Tutor:  Dieter Röhricht
  • date:  2005
  • pages:  194
  • pictures:  59

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