Academic thesis

Alexandra von Aaken: The original polychromy of the portal of the Last Judgement of the protestant parish church St. Sebald in Nuremberg – Investigation, reconstruction and technological comparison with other stone polychromy of the 13th and 14th century Back
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Abstract: The south portal (Last Judgement) of the church of St. Sebald in Nuremberg dates from 1320. The investigation of the tympanum relief shows – under some later settings – a relatively well preserved original polychromy. Investigations of this polychromy and the technological structure allowed a nearly complete reconstruction.
Besides, technological comparisons with other stone settings of the 13th and 14th century were made.


Keywords: polychromy, stone, ground layer, minium, portal, St. Sebald
  • academic institution: Technische Universität München
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dipl.-Restaurator Erwin Emmerling
  • assistant Tutor:  Dr. Stefan Simon
  • date:  2002
  • pages:  67
  • pictures:  14
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