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Sigrid Beckmann: The livingroom from the estate of Christian Borngräber at the museum kunst palast - New German Design seen from a conservation point of view Back
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Abstract: This diploma thesis deals with objects from New German Design, which the berlin design-theorist Christian Borngräber put together in the 1980s. The fixtures of his livingroom were acquired by the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, today`s museum kunst palast, in 1993, where they were first displayed over several years and are now stored in depots. Focal points of this research are an examination of New German Design and the person Christian Borngräber, a systematic inventory and condition report of the objects from the livingroom, interviews with individual designers and artists about their objects, thoughts concerning conservator-restores` dealings with the Borngräber livingroom as well as concrete conceptions for the objects.


  • academic institution: Technische Hochschule Köln
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Jägers
  • assistant Tutor:  Dr. Friederike Waentig
  • date:  2003
  • Language:  German
Sigrid Beckmann
sigridbeckmann@[Diesen Teil loeschen]


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