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Nora Möritz: Back
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Abstract: Subject of this Bachelor-thesis is a mural painting, now removed in strappo technique, which can be divided into eight fragments. However, subject of this thesis is only the Knights battle-scene and a coat of arms. The mural is dated to the 14th century and is originally from the Tyrol. Since 2000 it has been owned by the Federal Republic of Germany and is administered by the Kunstsammlungen of the Veste Coburg.
The paintings are mounted on canvas and were stored on a roll; they have been transferred in December 2014 to the studios of the Department of Conservation and Restoration at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. The aim of the work is an investigation into the extent and the condition of the said fragments. Further considerations are made about the future treatment of the murals.
New findings about the used materials and applied technologies were gathered by means of macro- and microscopic inspections, layer cross-section polish and pigment- and binder-analysis.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Bachelorarbeit
  • date:  2015

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