Academic thesis

Margarete Juros: Back
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Abstract: In the following the condition of a late Gothic Relief and two late Gothic Boards from the
Angermuseum in Erfurt are being presented. These are assumed to be part of an altar, although
this is not proven.
The objects were bought in 1917 for the museum from the parish of Groningen and have remained
since then in museum ownership.
Restoration and scientific examination have given important insights into the original substance
and also help define later additions. The examinations also provide the groundwork for later
conservation measures.
Research about the history and the analysis of similarities between both objects should give
conclusions as to whether they belong to the same altar. For comparison, two boards, currently in
the church in Walldorf/Werra and a Crescent Moon Madonna from the Church in Groningen are
presented. They show similarities in style with the objects in Erfurt.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Bachelorarbeit
  • date:  2011

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