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Sina Junker: Back
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Abstract: This diploma‐thesis deals with the paintings on the ceiling of a room in the former apartments of the
hereditary prince (“Erbprinzengemächer”) in the Corps de logis of the palace Friedenstein in Gotha
(Thuringia). The decoration of the ceiling comprises six painted cartouches and a central covering
mirror, with Greek mythological illustrations which are framed by a sumptuous baroque stucco. The
paintings are executed using Verdaccio and have been attributed by the authoress to the Italian artist
Giovanni Francesco Marchini, who probably painted them between 1713 and 1716 during his stay at
the palace in Gotha.
A major part of this thesis is the assessment of the inventory and its condition by means of annotated
mapping, as well as an analysis of the composition of the materials used and an analysis of the
makeup of the paint‐layers. Another aspect of this thesis is the analysis of the causes that have led to the present damage. Based on the results of these analyses, an exemplary conservation‐restoration
was carried out on a cartouche, together with a reconstruction of the original baroque colours of the framing stucco decoration within a sample area. Based on an examination of the content of the
images, which as yet had not been conclusively identified, the motifs can now be interpreted in a
more exact manner.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • date:  2008

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