Academic thesis

Marcus Jung: Back
Language: Original   -   Translation
Abstract: The Weimar Fürstengruft, built on behalf of Grand Duke Carl August by Clemens Wenzeslaus Coudray
in 1824, includes beside the coffins of Goethe and Schiller the sarcophagi of the royal family from the
line of Saxony‐Weimar‐Eisenach. Within the scope of the dissertation was the development of a
concept for restoration and conservation of all metal coffins, which was realized at the sarcophagus
of Duchess Eleonore Dorothea. Another focus was the preservation of tin‐lead alloys, which
protective layers could be tested by various applications, such as Cosmoloid, Paraloid, Aero 46 and others.


  • academic institution: FH Erfurt
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • date:  2008

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