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Cornelia Patterson: A set of painted wall-coverings from the Fürstenbau in Wilhelmsbad, Hanau, Germany. Appraisal of their technique and condition, the reconstruction of the original hanging situation, the creation of a catalogue for conservation and restoration measures along with a proposal for remounting onto the wall. (in cooperation with Maria Sünderhauf;) Back
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Abstract: ABSTRACT
This master’s thesis deals with an the appraisal of findings and the development of a concept for the conservation of an ensemble of painted wall-coverings from the 18th century. The set overall consists of eight individual pieces and is accredited to the Fürstenbau in Wilhelmsbad. In the course of this paper a historical and arthistorical classification is initially outlined. Furthermore this is set in the context of their place of origin and a possible provenience from the wall-decoration factory Nothnagel is investigated. Comprehensive examination of the historical technique and the current condition give further information of their original hanging and serve to create a list of measures to be taken. An overall concept for the conservation of the set of wall-coverings is proposed, particularly with regard to the future reintegration in their original context. Special focus will be laid on the measures of consolidation with a low-pressure table, the careful considerations for strip-lining and the evaluation of new and innovative approaches of possible methods for mounting wall-coverings back onto the wall.


Keywords: wall-coverings, wall-hangings, low-pressure table, consolidation, strip-lining, remounting, reintegration
  • academic institution: HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/ Holzminden/Göttingen
  • kind of theses:  Masterarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. Dr. Michael von der Goltz
  • assistant Tutor:  Ulrich Haroska
  • date:  2010
  • Language:  German
  • pages:  374
  • pictures:  197

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