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Robert Zalesky: The chapel of the manor-house Gamig around 1600. Analyses concerning the present situation and a concept for conservation and restoration. Back
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Abstract: Technological analysis and appraisal of the present situation, preparation of a concept for conservation and restoration, measures for conservation as well as exemplary realisation of the restoration-concept
The pulpit in the chapel of the manor-house Gamig was reviewed concerning its art history, building history and materials science. By analysing the interaction of these factors, it was possible to classify the pulpit’s date of origin. The pulpit is composed of several parts which are characterised each one by a different history of development.
The pulpit’s corpus indicates typical architecture details of the renaissance. It dates from around 1600. The balustrade of the stairs and the lost pulpit’s cover are probably spolia, which belonged together. Maybe they were added to the pulpit in the context of the rearrangement in the baroque era around 1700. At this time the pulpit got its present-day appearance, which is harmonised by a nearly complete revision.
By means of material analyses it was possible to discover the reason for the heavy damages of the paintings. When the pulpit was revised around 1700, technological errors happened. Those lead to tensions and therefore to delamination.
Based on the analyses concerning the present situation a concept for conservation and restoration was developed. The gists of the concept were realised. Constructive damages at the wooden elements were restored as well as such of the joists of canvas belonging to the lower part of the pulpit.
The restoration concept envisages a covering retouch of the paintings on architectural components. The fragments of figurative paintings are to treat with a neutral retouch so that they will fit in this framework – according to the master plan for conservation and restoration of miscellaneous inventory of the chapel.


Keywords: conservation, Gut Gamig, chapel, pulpit, building history, consolidation of painting
  • academic institution: Fachhochschule Potsdam
  • kind of theses:  Diplomarbeit
  • main Tutor:  Prof. H. Michaelsen
  • assistant Tutor:  Dipl.-Rest. May Schoder
  • date:  2009
  • pages:  113
  • pictures:  52

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