Jutta Fuchs: The renaissance equipment of the great courtroom of the Lübeck office building („Große Kommissionsstube des Lübecker Kanzleigebäudes“) – a concept of maintenance and use based on the restoration technology investigation Zurück
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Zusammenfassung: The aim of the work was to systematically record the great courtroom for the first time with respect to the historical elements of the room equipment, namely of the wall and ceiling panelling as well as of the floor, but also with respect to the complete surrounding conditions, and to develop a concept of maintenance and use which is based on the investigation results and which is reasonable under conservational aspects.

The study is structured corresponding to the methodical procedure for the documentation of object restoration investigations. It is divided into the following six chapters: starting with the identification and description of the object, where first of all the site and the great courtroom with its individual equipment elements is presented, followed by the context analysis comprising the determination of the classification relating to the history of art and culture, of the object’s history, and of the surrounding conditions as well as the evaluation resulting from it with respect to the documentary importance. Subsequently, the manufacturing techniques and the preservation condition are detected by means of the restoration technology investigation and its results are interpreted with regard to the cause of damage. Based on the analytical part of the work, a separate chapter deals with the assessment of the need of action for restoration. Finally, the concept of maintenance and use is elaborated with respect to definite measures in view of the aim of a preventive conservation. At the end of the work a summary of the most important findings and prospects for more detailed subjects are given.


Schlagworte: concept of maintenance and use
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  • Hochschule: HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
  • Art der Arbeit:  Masterarbeit
  • Erstprüfer/in:  Prof. Dr. Gerdi Maierbacher-Legl
  • Zweitprüfer/in:  Dr. Thorsten Albrecht
  • Abgabedatum:  2009
  • Sprache:  German
  • Seitenzahl:  119
  • Abbildungen:  57

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